With such a wide range of paints out there today, we have found Resene to be the best in quality and value for money. We have also found them to be the highest and best quality product out there. Their technical support is excellent for any issues or problems that arise on the job.

Colour Matching

We have the ability to colour match most paints out there. This is a great feature when only one wall or a section of the room or house is being painted. It will reduce cost with out an ugly or slight colour change. Perfect for the plaster that has just been fixed or the marks that won’t clean off on that one wall.

Interior painting includes any room in your house as well as doors, trims, window frames, fixing and ceilings.

Exterior Painting includes a wide range of painting such as house exteriors, pergolas, fences, window frames, and exterior fixings.

Pool Painting is another form of painting service that we provide. Using an epoxy paint

Timber Staining includes timber decks, doors, trims, and other timber fixings.