Bathroom Renovation's

Project Management

The benefit of having one company organize your renovation is knowing how the trades work. We see lots of mistakes being made because individual trades are employed and without knowledge of how they work together, the quality of the build is lost. It is a case of not seeing the big picture. That’s why we not only do the work, but keep an eye on the build right through so no mistakes are made along the way.

Co-ordination Process

Our process is simple, we like to start by sitting down with you to see what you want to achieve, your budget, and measuring up your room. This gives us an ability to give you an estimate of the price, as well as a design.  Once you have gone through adjusting the design, we then finalise a plan before starting works. We then organize trades, and work to begin. Changes can be made afterwards, but are expensive,.  This process keeps things on time and on budget and keeps the price cost effective.

Reporting and Quality Control

During a renovation, unforeseen issues can arise. When we come across issues we stop work and work out the best solution and get your approval on cost and ideas before continuing.  Our quality control is high, as we ourselves are working on the build and supervising the other trades, to make sure everything is carried out above Australian Standards. This means things are not missed or swept under the rug.